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Outstanding Goalkeeper Award winners

Awarded to the goalkeeper(s) who played for the team with the fewest goals scored against in the regular season. Goaltenders playing in at least 25 games or 1500 minutes are eligible for the award.
Season Award Winner Team
1948-49 Lucien Dechene
1949-50 Jerry Cotnoir
1950-51 Lucien Dechene
1951-52 Lucien Dechene
1952-53 Emile Francis Vancouver Canucks
1953-54 Lorne "Gump" Worsley Vancouver Canucks
1954-55 Johnny Bower Vancouver Canucks
1955-56 Ray Mikulan New Westminster-Vancouver
1956-57 Lucien Dechene Brandon Regals
1957-58 Marcel Pelletier Vancouver Canucks
1958-59 Lucien Dechene Saskatoon-Vancouver
1959-60 Hank Bassen Vancouver Canucks
1960-61 Don Head Portland Buckaroos
1961-62 Al Millar Seattle Totems
1962-63 Don Head Portland Buckaroos
1963-64 Al Millar Denver Invaders
1964-65 Jimmy McLeod Seattle Totems
1965-66 Don Head Portland Buckaroos
1966-67 Jimmy McLeod Seattle Totems
1967-68 Marv Edwards Portland Buckaroos
1968-69 Jimmy McLeod Portland Buckaroos
1968-69 Dave Kelly Portland Buckaroos
1969-70 George Gardner Vancouver Canucks
1970-71 Jimmy McLeod Portland Buckaroos
1970-71 Dave Kelly Portland Buckaroos
1971-72 Bob Johnson Denver Spurs
1972-73 Ken Broderick San Diego Gulls